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finding jesus as a scientist

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Can science be a way to find salvation?

God as a omnipotent, omniscient Being created humans to be inquisitive.  Some wonder more about the world – a rare subgroup we call scientists.  

We believe that there is space for modern Christian Scientists – God-loving people that question everything in their walk of life.  Our online ministry sees the Bible as a collection of stories about how the authors understood the universe – yet it should not stop there.  From Quanta to Quasars – this is a journey towards finding God through science.

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We believe that the Bible was inspired for a specific time and a specific population.

Humans have learned a lot since the Bible was written.

Mostly scientific facts that we were not yet ready to contemplate and understand.

God allows us to investigate and uncover the universe.

In doing so, He shows us just how amazing the creation is.

We learn from science how to appreciate creation.

Through our ever evolving understanding of creation, we learn to know God.

The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands. (Ps 19:1)

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